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States of Mind / Beyond the Image - permanent exhibition

‘States of Mind / Beyond the Image’,  the new permanent exhibition of GASK – Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, isn’t a traditionally designed one. Instead of an ‘encyclopaedic’ sequence of artworks from GASK’s collection arranged in chronological order, the exhibition is based on the diverse spectrum of a person’s emotional and mental life.


Pavel Brázda  has, since the mid-20th century, been one of the leading solo figures of Czech art. This exhibition is being held to mark Brázda’s 90th birthday. It presents a brief survey of his life’s work as well as his latest pictures created as digital prints on canvas.

Eliška Lhotská - FUTURE IS NOW

Imagine the world in a year in which everything has dissolved. What used to be habit has become an illuminated story written in binary code. What used to be reality has dissolved in a flood of information. New Archeology is a jewellery collection for which even an ordinary piece of bread has been cast in metal in order to preserve it for the distant future. A piece of bread becomes a cast piece of history that we might forget.

Erik Sikora - Těšení

The central theme of ‘DJartist’ Erik Sikora’s work is play. Applying simple and widely-used DIY approaches, he works with video in the spirit of contemporary video-clip culture, often combining his videos with epic audio poetry. His videos are records of live actions that combine nonsense, poetic symbolism and Dada.

Igor Grimmich - Image

The image as a summary of a larger volume of data that, taken together, gives us a broader idea of reality. The resulting paintings are records of travels through urban landscapes both real and imagined. The artist uses photographs from urban explorations as a kind of basic structure on to which he attaches his own experiences.

Jaroslav Valečka - Krajina vnitřní a krajina vnější

Jaroslav Valečka consistently persists in his classical approach to painting, systematically inspired by the roots of European landscape painting, specifically northern Romanticism. Valečka’s landscapes are closely tied to the Lusatian Mountains in northern Bohemia, where he spent his childhood and adolescence.

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