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States of Mind / Beyond the Image - permanent exhibition

‘States of Mind / Beyond the Image’,  the new permanent exhibition of GASK – Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, isn’t a traditionally designed one. Instead of an ‘encyclopaedic’ sequence of artworks from GASK’s collection arranged in chronological order, the exhibition is based on the diverse spectrum of a person’s emotional and mental life.

VJEMY - Silver

This young design trio have exhibited their applied art under VJEMY lebel since 2013. Their focus is on interior design and porcelain inspired by Czech Cubism. VJEMY stuido is currently preparing a project "Silver" inspired by Kutná Hora´s glorious past as a silver mining town. Limited edition of metal plated bowl are avaliable at Designshop.

Dorota Sadovská -White therapy

The main theme of her work is the human body - both the body as a whole and its various parts, or sometimes just a reference in the form of an anti-fashion design. She introduce White therapy by Cut-out Drawings.


XXL views of contemporary slovak art

XXL Views of Contemporary Slovak Art is a long-term exhibition project that presentsleading Slovak artists. The artist are presented in a direct dialogue with recognised Slovak, Czech and international art historians. Opening: 25/6 2016.

Dana Sahánková - The vertical of chiaroscuro

The fascinating large-format ink drawings combine the world of everyday personal experiences with the consciousness and uncousniousses of the universe and the universe´s order. All three layers clash and dynamically come together on multiple planes that are visually dominated by animal motifs.

Václav Linek - Late Arrivals

Leading Czech humourist and Kutna Hora native Václav Linek has contributed to many satirical and cultural magazines. Exhibition presents a cross-section of Linek´s older works as well as his most recent black-and-white and colour drawings.

Jiří Anderle - Under the skin

Anderle’s exhibition marks the artist’s eightieth birthday this year.The exhibition ‘Under the Skin’ showcases a small selection of his finest prints of the 1960s and ’70s from GASK’s collection. Its title relates to Anderle’s characteristic ability in his work to provide an analytical insight into the human psyche.

Šimon Brejcha - Collector and Crusher

Brejcha’s approach is characterised by an inexhaustible fascination for the kaleidoscopic forms of nature and human civilisation. He focuses on small and commonplace things such as ants, grasshoppers, centipedes, snail shells and shed snakeskins that he uses as relief shapes and patterns to create abstracted prints symbolically reflecting on the structures and energies of existence.

Aktuálně v GASK

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    Péče o umělecká díla je nejen záslužnou činností, ale i jedním z nejhlubších způsobů poznávání jejich významu a hodnoty. O obnově barokních památek nejen na Kutnohorsku budou hovořit restaurátoři Martin Kulhánek a Jakub Ďoubal.


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