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States of Mind / Beyond the Image - permanent exhibition

‘States of Mind / Beyond the Image’,  the new permanent exhibition of GASK – Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, isn’t a traditionally designed one. Instead of an ‘encyclopaedic’ sequence of artworks from GASK’s collection arranged in chronological order, the exhibition is based on the diverse spectrum of a person’s emotional and mental life.

Jiří Sozanský - extreme situations

In his work, the painter and sculptor Jiří Sozanský (born 1946) uses the language of the struggle, the fight, pressure and counter-pressure, to express the historically specific and eternal theme of the collapse of moral order’s enlightened values in whose place there emerges the frenzied ‘execution ground of conscience’.

Lumír Hladík - Oh Brother

Lumír Hladík is a major figure of Czech conceptual art of the 1970s who has lived in Canada since 1981.

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