Daniel Hanzlík, Pavel Mrkus: Seeing time

11. 03.2018 to 27. 05.2018

opening: 10/3 2018 16.00

dates: 11/3 - 27/5 2018

curators: Veronika MArešová, Petr Vaňous

location: Galerie IV.

 Daniel Hanzlík (1970) and Pavel Mrkus (1970) present a set of works inspired by the duality of the physical vs. virtual perception of time and temporal processes. Their exhibition works with the familiar physical laws by which we orient ourselves in the world, but at the same time it reflects the fictional world of virtual data environments that increasingly influence our perceptions, experiences and decision-making. These two aspects of our bi-polar world merge into one to create a new illusion of reality.

The exhibitred works are created primarily by combining objects, projections and spatial installations. The artists also make use of audiovisual formats, interactivity or real-time data visualisation.

The exhibition is divided into various sections (installations, solo works and collaborative realizations), although the various rooms remain visually connected. As a result, the exhibition space becomes a unifying element for presenting time through the visual senses. Seeing Time not only asks how we see time but also how we see different time formats – natural as well as simulated. Translating time into analogous formats of visual imitation is of fundamental and foundational meaning for culture and civilisation. The exhibition gives physical expression to something essential, and makes references to the past, present and future.


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