25. 06.2017 to 01. 10.2017

Curator: Veronika Marešová


Opening reception: 24. 6. 2017

Exhibition dates: 25. 6. – 1. 10. 2017


The exhibition is the outcome of a collaborative effort between Helena Lukášová and American artist Michael Rees.

Both artists work with digital technologies and seek to create tangible, material art with a focus on the relationship between virtual and physical reality.

For this project, they have let themselves be inspired by the rich history of Kutná Hora, in particular the famous ossuary in Sedlec. The exhibition combines the legacy of traditional fortune-telling using bones with contemporary man’s artificial existence shaped by cognitive behavioural strategies and augmented reality. On a deeper level, the artists explore the natural state of things and engage in a polemic with the inner essence of the object and its more recent definition, according to which an object becomes an artificial object with metaphorical meaning and is surrounded by various forms of digital information.

The playful, interactive installation, located in the Jesuit College’s Baroque baths and cellar spaces, consists of 3D prints of bones, transparent balloons, and photographs of Kutná Hora and its surroundings, all of which act as triggers for augmented reality. The resulting exhibition is a space for exploring and experimenting with various configurations of things that connect and communicate with one another. At the same time, we become witnesses to these objects’ potential transformation (by revealing another layer of their objectness) and their Babelian confusion of the material world.





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