Denisa Nová - A/W 2015

11. 10.2015 - 28. 02.2016



1st. floor

Denisa Nová in collaboration with sculptor Helena Lukášová

Denisa Nová, a leading figure on the Czech design scene, is the author of sensitive fashion collections. Her dress designs go beyond playing the role of mere protective and decorative covering, and instead become a kind of second skin that underscore their wearer’s individuality.
At the WHITEBOX, this distinctive designer presents her delicate A/W 2015 collection of restored and recycled karakul pelts from 1920 to 1970, which she found at the Jeu de Balle flea market in Brussels on 31 January 2015. The exhibition also includes a jewelry collection called “You Are What You Wish For” which includes jewelry and heels of shoes. The golden parts of the body of close family members, arranged into various constellations, were created using photogrammetry, a 3D scanner, and a 3D printer. They express intimate fragility and the brutal manner in which they were manipulated.

Veronika Marešová, curator

Photo by Karin Zadrick

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