A Day Of Sound

A Day of Sound: musicians and sound will be taking GASK by storm! Starring Petr Nikl, Scanner and Roly Porter

Friday 6th September 2019 – afternoon set from 5pm to 7pm, evening stage from 8pm to 12 midnight

GASK’s going to be hosting music and sound! Electro, multimedia and performances will be taking over the gallery and its gardens at an international one-day festival. We’ve got an eight-hour line-up of futurists, visionaries and experimenters ready for you. Roly Porter (UK), Scanner (UK), Agnes Hvizdalek &Billy Porter (Austria), Petr Nikl (Czech Republic), Petr Válek (Czech Republic), pictures by Olga Karlíková set in motion and many other attractions.

The Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region (GASK) is staging a new event that’s going to appeal to fans of artistic experiments and alternative forms of music wherever they’re from. A Day of Sound will invite musicians, sound artists and performers to take the gallery and its gardens by storm. This one-day music festival will feature a series of artists from the contemporary visual arts and the current music scene.

A Day of Soundwill begin with a performance for the gallery gardens of the former Jesuit College by the visual artist, musician, writer, puppeteer and performance artist Petr Nikl. ‘Homage to Olga Karlíková’ takes the special form of an open-air concert in motion. Karlíková’s unique graphic records of birdsong will be ‘returned’ to open space by an international ensemble of leading improvisers: Lucie Štěpánková (a Czech resident in London), George Cremaschi (USA), Ivan Palacký (Czech Republic), Peter Graham (Czech Republic), Pavel Zlámal (Czech Republic), Pasi Mäkelä (Finland) and Petr Vrba (Czech Republic). 

The evening section will focus on British electronic musicians who work with video or tell conceptual stories. The renowned sound artist Scanner (UK) will present the programme Mass Observation, whose world première took place this year at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Scanner, whose real name is Robin Rimbaud, achieved controversial acclaim by tapping mobile phone networks and incorporating conversations into ambient music during the real time of the concert. That took place in the 1990s, and now he’s returned once more to this concept and taken it further. His disturbing and strangely intoxicating audiovisual meditation revolves around the leaking of personal data and the surveillance of citizens by both the state and private sector.

Roly Porter(UK) from Bristol has the reputation of an elite producer on the post-beat scene. His conceptual programmes have featured at leading international festivals of electronic music. His album Third Law thematises unmanned flights into space; his latest project Kistvaen returns to the ancient pagan songs of burial rituals. Roly Porter will appear at A Day of Sound with an evening solo set.

Petr Válekhas achieved international acclaim with internet videos presenting his DIY electronic noise music. At GASK he’ll be performing live.

Agnes Hvizdalek & Billy Roisz, an Austrian female duo, are the last of the festival’s main performers. They’ll be presenting the world première of their latest project – a duo for voice, electronic music and live generated video.

The curator of A Day of Sound, the journalist and script-writer Pavel Klusák, says ‘Galleries have always supported progressive musicians, literally helping some of them to survive – such as the American Minimalists. Today’s scenes are naturally filled with crossovers: music intermingles with concepts, video, performances, graphic music scores and new media. GASK is now providing space for artists and audiences who are interested in this natural fusion, who want to immerse themselves in it for a day and who might want to spend the night in Kutná Hora as well.

The first Day of Sound is a pilot event. If it attracts enough interest, it has the potential to become another of GASK’s long-term activities.

You can buy tickets to the festival athttps://www.ticketportal.cz/event/A-DAY-OF-SOUND

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