Aurel Klimt Lajka: From Film to Theatre and Back

12. 11.2017 to 11. 02.2018

opening: 11/11 2017, at 5PM

location: Galerie IV.

curator: Veronika Marešová



Aurel Klimt is a leading representative of Czech animated film. This large-scale exhibition will focus on his creative laboratory while taking a behind-the-scenes look at the works created by Studio ZVON under the direction of artists Martin Velíšek and František Lipták. With a visually attractive format and working with a moving story, the exhibition looks at an important milestone in modern human history – the early days of space exploration and the first canine cosmonauts. The central theme is man’s relationship to animals, nature and the entire universe. The interactive exhibition features newly made or specially adapted objects, puppets, film scenes, and life-sized sculptures. Besides presenting the debut of Klimt’s new feature-length film Laika, the exhibition will also look at his older works, including his famous graduation film The Magic Bell, as well as his work for theatre.

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