Avenue of Saints

25. 02.2018 to 08. 02.2020

opening: 24/2 2018

curators: Adriana Primusová, Veronika Marešová, Richard Drury

long-term exhibition

Following on from the opening last December of the reworked version of GASK’s permanent collection ‘States of Mind / Beyond the Image – Innovations and Interventions’, another long-term exhibition survey will be opened that mirrors the Baroque Gallery of Saints by the sculptor František Baugut located in front of the Jesuit College. The Avenue of Saints project will present works by contemporary sculptors that, mounted on the walls of the ground-floor entrance corridor, will create a stimulating dialogue between the spacious Baroque interior and present-day forms of plastic expression. Artists participating in the first ‘edition’ of the Avenue of Saints are: Mariana Alasseur, Veronika Durová, Pavel Hošek, Monika Immrová, Kryštof Kaplan, Jan Kovářík, Jakub Lipavský, Luděk Míšek, Lucie Píštělková, Kryštof Rybák, Zdeňka  Saletová, Petr Stibral and Benedikt Tolar.



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