Daniela Vinopalová a Monika Immrová - Sculpture

15. 11.2015 to 14. 02.2016

Gallery IV.


3rd. floor

This exhibition brings together two women sculptors from different generations, Daniela Vinopalová (born 1928) and Monika Immrová (born 1970), and is a reflection on the idea of sculpture in contemporary art. Both sculptors are solo figures within their respective generations.

Daniela Vinopalová, now acknowledged as a major figure of Czech 20th-century art and represented in the collection of GASK, studied during the 1950s at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts at the studio of Karel Pokorný. During the 1960s, however, her work developed in a wholly different and profoundly original way, following a path that was more spiritual than rational. Her modelling of material echoes the approach of Art Informel, though her work is also classified in the field of intuitive action art. This exhibition is also partly a contribution to the evaluation of her life’s work.

The younger artist, Monika Immrová, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts at the studio of Jindřich Zeithamml and in 2001 she consciously returned to the traditional medium of sculpture. In her simple forms, she traces the laws of proportionality and balance, also capturing the relationship between plasticity and the qualities of drawing.

In basic abstract forms, each artist expresses her ideas about the timeless and ever-problematized relationship between the substance of volume and shape and their definition in space.


Adriana Primusová, curator