Jakub Špaňhel - Flowers, Towns, Butterflies

15. 05.2016 to 04. 09.2016

Prints, 2000-2016

Opening: 14/5 2016 v 17 hodin

Dates: 15/5 - 4/9 2016

Location: Printmaking crossovers - Gallery 3

Curator: Veronika Marešová

The paintings of Jakub Špaňhel have been spoken about in superlatives ever since he was still studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. From the beginning, he has stood out for his unusual approach in terms of both his thematic choice (an exhumation of traditional motifs that most artists considered long-spent) and his stylistic combination of intuitive action painting with an unusual tenebrist colourism possessing an expressionist, almost existential character. Špaňhel himself gives his paintings the fitting label “expressive impressionism”.

At the same that he is painting his sizable canvases, however, he also produces no less remarkable large-scale prints – lithographs or serigraphs based on his paintings. In his print series, he applies and reaffirms experimental methods and principles similar to the ones he uses in his painting. He often works in cycles, producing multiple variations on one subject. He is fascinated by the world that surrounds him. His prints are based on reality, which he shifts into more relaxed, abstract spheres using his inimitable, dynamic signature style. Motifs include flowers, towns and butterflies, but also filling stations, churches and cemeteries.

The exhibition of Jakub Špaňhel’s graphic work presents a selection of his prints from 2000 to 2016, alongside several paintings on which the exhibited works are based.

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