Martina Minařík Pavelková - Generation of Unicorns 25/6 - 1/10 2017

25. 06.2017 to 01. 10.2017

Exhibition opening: 24/6 2017

Exhibition dates: 25/6 – 1/10 2017

Curator: Radka Zahradníková


Martina Pavelková is a young multimedia artist working with photography, installation art, performance art, and also the classical media of painting and drawing. Her focus is on issues related to the body, women, fragility, intimacy and intensity. She also responds to contemporary tendencies, moods, and feelings in society. “To question this miserable generation of unicorns, to explore informational values burdened by aesthetic impressions, and to spy stained purity with innocent eyes,” is how she describes her art.

For her exhibition at GASK, Martina Pavelková will create several new works that will respond to the specific space, time, and situation. She will open the exhibition with a performance piece.

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