Nature’s Answers

28. 06.2015 to 13. 09.2015



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Nature’s Answers

An homage to Jan Sekera

The latest instalment from the exhibition series “Works on Paper from the GASK Collection” is dedicated to the gallery’s former director Jan Sekera, who during his time in this function (1990 – 2000) returned the gallery to its original focus on the progressive tendencies of the 20th century. Sekera died this January 10.

The exhibited works by Dalibor Chatrný(1925 – 2012) and Olga Karlíková(1923 – 2004) are evidence of Sekera’s significant acquisition activities. Both artists share a strong relationship to landscapes, influenced by conceptual art and with an interest in the creative process itself. Their works are important records of natural spaces, which they view as infinite.

Adriana Primusová, curator

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