Petra Malinová - EARTHILY

22. 09.2019 to 09. 02.2020

Curator: Petra Příkazská

Earthilypresents the work of painter Petra Malinová, a graduate of professor Jiří Sopko’s painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1993–1999) who currently works primarily with drawings and structural paintings of landscape motifs and close-up details. In her work, Malinová experiments with the use of natural materials (clay, ash, pigment, grass, herbs, vines, etc.), which she integrates into her canvases to create changing structures of space.

In an era of big cities stretching to the horizon and the undeniable existence of artificial virtual worlds that, for many, have become more real than the real world, Petra Malinová turns her interest to the landscape – a landscape without stories created by people, a landscape of cosmic energy that can be spied in fleeting moments of clarity. Each of her paintings is a separate journey towards exploring our essence and the energy of a landscape connected to the universe. We are a part of the process, and the landscape that has been created by us still retains its untamed defiance and beauty arising from the organization of its many parts.

Her painting Grab Your Sweat Suit and Head for the Woods invites us to follow in her footsteps…


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