The Rationality of Poetry - A Tribute to Jan Sekera II

27. 09.2015 to 10. 01.2016



3rd. floor

From the series Works on Paper from the GASK Collection

Jan Sekera (1935–2015), director of the gallery from 1990 – 2000, died early this year. He contributed to the significant extension of the Gallery’s collection, and following the period of normalisation in the country, he restored the original focus of the Gallery, which was on the progressive tendencies of the 20th century.

From this period of acquisition activity, there are also other exhibited works in the framework of the cycle Works on Paper from the GASK Collection; this time emphasis is placed on the constructivist leanings of the sixties’generation of Czech fine artists (Zdeněk Sýkora, Jiří Kolář, Jak Kubíček, Karel Malich, Milan Grygar, Václav Boštík, Ivan Chatrný), whom Jan Sekera first presented comprehensively at a fundamental exhibition named The Poetry of Rationality.


Adriana Primusová, curator