VJEMY (Adam and Samuel Cigler and Světlana Koženova) - Silver

05. 06.2016 to 30. 10.2016

opening: 4/6 2016

dates: 5/6 - 30/10 2016

location: WHITEBOX

curator: Veronika Marešová

This young architecture / design trio - brothers Adam and Samuel Cigler and Světlana Koženova - have exhibited their applied art under "Vjemy" ("Sensations") label since 2013. Their focus is on interior design, in particular custom-made furniture, home accessories, and porcelain inspired by Czech Cubism and Islamic decorative art. For the Whitebox at GASK, Vjemy studio is currently preparing a project entitled "Silver", inspired by Kutná Hora´s glorious past as a silver mining town. In the exhibition, they will attempt to use multiple examples of their threedimensional porcelain products to create the illusion of the endless space of a minig shaft. The multiplication of abstract patterns and the sense of falling into an abyss will be further amplified by telted mirrors and carefully planned lighting. The exhibition, the artists will create a limited edition of metal-plated bowls that will be avaliable for purchase at the gallery´s Designshop.

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