Videos about the exhibitions

We have shot several new videos about the exhibitions so that you can visit them virtually along with our curators.

In our video on the exhibition Eva Sakuma: Portrait of Koro, curator Veronika Marešová discusses the artist’s sources of inspiration and the extent to which she has been influenced by Asian art and culture.

The exhibition Artikl:Seven Years with Art presents the latest trends in contemporary art by members of the younger and middle generation of artists. The exhibition is a joint project with Artikl magazine. Curator Veronika Marešová takes you on a tour of the exhibition, showing the diverse range of art on display, from painting to objects and video art.  

The exhibition Jaroslava Severová/ Uncertain Realities shows how printmaking can be used in other media as well. In his video tour, curator Richard Drury lets viewers explore various aspects of the work of this distinctive representative of contemporary graphic arts and shows how her work crosses over into other media.  

And for fans of Jiří Trnka, we have created a video tour of the exhibition Jiří Trnka / In th Gardens of the Imagination.

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