Education Centre

Art as a way of thinking and communicating.
Art as a key to the world, the space we inhabit, and ourselves.
Art as a path towards mutual understanding and empathy.
The GASK Learning Centre was created in 2009 as a way to connect the gallery with the public. Our main objective is to introduce the public to art as a natural part of life and to present GASK as an open place.
A central part of our activities areart workshops for children, intergenerational programmes, evening workshops for adults, educational programmes for schools and other interest groupsand film screenings. We work closely with the curatorial department, the artists and the GASK library to plan guided tours, lectures andall-day workshops for adults.
Our activities work with the GASK collections as presented through the permanent exhibition States of Mind / Beyond the Image – Interventions and Innovations, which takes an original and effective approach to meaningfully promoting the basic notion that art is not just a question of aesthetics, but that it reflects society and that every work of art is like a report on the state of the world. All our programmes are designed with respect to the work of art and the curators’ vision.

GASK for Kids

On our regular afternoon art workshops, children ages five to fourteen explore artistic techniques and are introduced to original works of modern and contemporary art. They learn about a particular work’s content and form and try their hand at being artists as they respond to current issues and themes.

GASK Teens

In this year-round programme, we introduce secondary school students to original works of modern and contemporary art, to the gallery’s operations and to the duties of the various gallery employees, in particular the preparation of exhibitions. Based on this new knowledge, the student then design their own thematic exhibition featuring works from the GASK collections, which they install, promote, and present at their very own opening reception. The exhibition presents an addition “state of mind” alongside the permanent exhibition States of Mind / Beyond the Image – Interventions and Innovations.

pARTy time GASK / pARTy teens GASK

In August, we offer four-day summer art workshops for children aged six to twelve and for young people aged thirteen and up. This “summer camp” is designed with a view to GASK’s permanent exhibition or to currently running temporary exhibits. Young art lovers use their own artistic creations in order to answer some of the questions that art poses to us. All courses end in an exhibition opening for parents and friends.

GASK for Families

Asking together and seeking answers together. Creating together.
Exploring modern and contemporary art together.
Two generations, two points of view, two sources of observations and ideas. Our intergenerational programmes for families offer a platform for mutual enrichment and for learning about art and ourselves.
Intergenerational programmesfor families are held once a month, always on Saturdays at 1pm. For this programme, we either choose a work by one artist from the permanent exhibition States of Mind / Beyond the Image – Interventions and Innovations, or we design it as an accompanying event for our temporary exhibitions.
Together…dialogue sheets are envisioned as a self-guided programme for intergenerational dialogue and learning about works of art by two related artists from the gallery’s permanent exhibition. Visitors receive a dialogue sheet related to the specific pair of works, along with a set of tools that can be borrowed from the GASK cash desk.
A loosely related programme are the Together…Through the Exhibition dialogue sheets designed for specific temporary exhibits.

GASK for Schools

Our educational programmes are designed for various grade levels, and also take into account students with special needs. The available programmes are divided into packages based on the educational area of art and culture, combined with other disciplines. Each programme works with interdisciplinary ties while considering cross-cutting themes – today a regular part of any educational concept.
Each of the four packages – States of Mind,Moving (Forward) Through Art,The Gallery As School and The Face of the Baroque – can be used to offer students new approaches to learning.
The educational programmes work with States of Mind / Beyond the Image – Interventions and Innovations, the gallery’s permanent exhibition of works from the GASK collections.
Accredited educational programmes for teachers
Our courses in museum pedagogy are organized in collaboration with the Czech Section of INSEA (International Society for Education through Art), which is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education. The courses give teachers a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of an educational programme for a specific work of art as they design and realize their own programme. The goal is to present art as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for how to work with children, because it is never too early or too late to learn about art.
Internships for students of education
We offer students of education from secondary schools and universities the chance to gain professional practice at the GASK Learning Centre. During their internship, the students learn about the everyday work of the gallery’s instructors, help to realize our educational programmes for school groups, and create their own programme.

GASK without Barriers

At the GASK Learning Centre and throughout the gallery, we believe in equal access to culture and education. We welcome people of various ages and levels of education, people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, with different religious beliefs, handicaps or levels of social disadvantage. After three successful years of Art of Connecting (2013–2015), we decided to incorporate that project’s main ideas into our everyday work as part of a new project, GASK without Barriers. This project has become a challenge for the entire gallery to take an open approach to spreading progressive social values and to take a stand against discrimination and intolerance of any kind. In collaboration with local communities, we are working to understand and reject negative stereotype and prejudices – in both directions. GASK is a place where differences – cultural, social, health, or ethnic – are welcome.

GASK plus

Everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Programmes for the general public, at unusual times, presented in an unusual format or outside of GASK.
Museum Night
We love May, because it begins with the Museum Night festival. Our programme is designed with all generations in mind – concerts, guided tours, art workshops for children and adults, fashion shows and dance-drama interventions.
Turn on the Light for Pešánek!
Zdeněk Pešánek was one of Kutná Hora’s most famous native sons, who created the world’s first public kinetic light sculpture. Known as the ‘Edisonka’, the sculpture combined movement, coloured lighting effects and music. Today, Pešánek is internationally recognised as a pioneer and theorist in the use of light in the visual arts. Unfortunately, he remains practically unknown and forgotten in his hometown and home region – but we want to change that! Since 2016, the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region (GASK), in collaboration with selected artists, theorists, schools and members of the general public, has organised various events, including January’s Night at the Gallery, designed to introduce people to Pešánek’s life and work.
Guided tours and art workshops
Several times a year, we organize art workshops with artists. Another exceptional opportunity for the public to meet the artists and curators is at our guided tours of selected exhibits.
Jó/GASK_Yoga at the Gallery
The inspirational design of our permanent exhibition, States of Mind / Beyond the Image – Interventions and Innovations, offers various interpretations. One example is our spring and autumn Yoga at the Gallery programme, at which visitors can experience a particular “state of mind” in a different way than the usual gallery visit.
Nordic Film Autumn
Every year, a fresh Nordic wind blows through the gallery for three Wednesdays in November. Films from the Nordic Film Club are screened at 7pm.
For programme descriptions and up-to-date information on times and dates, visit or see the GASK Learning Centre’s Facebook profile.

The GASK Learning Centre’s spaces

Learning Centre studios #1 and #2 are used for workshops and educational programmes involving art-making activities.
The timeline is usually the first place where we meet for our school programmes and for children’s art workshops. This open space near the studio is a good place to introduce the programme and to motivate participants. The timeline was created for GASK by artists Jiří Franta and David Böhm.
Our visual playrooms are an interactive space on the first floor of the north wing of the Jesuit College that allows visitors to literally enter into works of art by world-renowned painters. The playrooms were designed by Barbora Zachovalová.
In the children’s corner, designed byEva Koťátková, children aged two to ten can engage in inspirational play, small artistic activities and reading, or they can simply relax.

GASK Learning Centre contacts:

Karin Vrátná Militká / head of the GASK Learning Centre + 420 702 045 215
Veronika Zikmundová / instructor, GASK LC + 420 725 607 390
Karolína Šteffková / instructor, GASK LC + 420 725 607 395

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